Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy is an effective modality to teach new skills or eliminate maladaptive behaviors. I have focused on working with children with autism and specialize in teaching communication, social, and toileting skills, decreasing aggression, phobias, fears, and overstimulation, and most of all, in helping families define for themselves what real growth for their child looks like. I meet with and observe clients to ascertain what purpose the current behaviors are serving and make a plan for teaching desired behaviors. This is done in a sequential, step-by-step process that enables my clients to implement new behaviors and learn more effective ways of having their needs met.

I have been trained in the Lovaas method of behavioral analysis which is the most researched and evidence-based treatment for autism and other pervasive developmental disorders. I have been working as an Intensive Behavioral Intervention Professional for the past fifteen years for a variety of agencies and have owned my own developmental disabilities agency.

I am moving forward in a new direction as a private therapist. This will enable me to provide a custom approach to each family I work with and to invest my skills, energy, and time with children who will most benefit from my services. When a family hires me to work with them, they will decide what services they want and how they want to get them. We will create a plan together that meets their needs and their budget.

Stepping out of the system is a risk, but it is one I am willing to take in order to provide the level of customer care I desire as a parent myself. I am looking for families who are looking to be in charge of their child’s therapy and desire to be an active participant in their treatment.