Hi, I’m Richard and am committed to helping individuals and families heal, grow, and function well. I believe that healing and growth come when connections within ourselves and in our relationships are strong and vibrant. As our bodies, minds, and spirits become more integrated we are able to function in a more authentic manner and become who we were created to be. As we form fulfilling connections with those around us, we are able to build effective support systems, give in healthy ways, and receive the nurturing we need ourselves. I have assisted families, school districts, and businesses as a Behavioral Therapist for the past fifteen years. My specialties are autism, sensory integration, and aggression. I enjoy working with families who are highly invested in their child’s progress and are able to form a team with me. Recently I have added another hat to my training and am in the process of becoming a Certified Simply Healed Practitioner. I have found that energy healing enables my clients to quickly resolve deeper issues and to let their burdens go.

I believe behavioral therapy and energy healing are complimentary modalities. Within the behavioral therapy approach, I am focused at the cognitive level and on concrete actions that need to be changed. My work in this area usually focuses on children with behavioral needs, but the principles are effective with most everyone and I am willing to tackle any behavioral issues with children or adults.

In the SimplyHealed method, I am focused on deeper levels of being – energy centers that influence how the entire body and spirit function. When those energy centers are clear of negative thoughts, fears, false beliefs, and low-vibrational energy individuals find themselves free to enjoy life, pursue dreams, see the world with new eyes.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my wife and children. We love to camp and enjoy the beauty of God’s creations. I am an avid fly fisherman and hiker. There is nothing quite like a mountain stream to clear my mind and rejuvenate my soul.