What my clients say:

I attended a Fix The Connection session with Richard. I have a little experience with emotional clearing/healing, but the appointment with Richard was by far superior. Richard took the time necessary to take care of everything that needed to be addressed. It wasn’t rushed in any way. Richard was able to explain the process and techniques in a way that put me at ease. It was clear early on in the session that he is perceptive and has the gift of healing. His non-threatening manner allowed me to share some emotions that I have never shared before and he was able to teach me some techniques to address them. The results have been quite positive as I have a clearer mind and a more positive outlook. I will recommend him to my friends and family.


My release session with Richard was more powerful than I expected! Each release I felt very specific items that poured out, letting the darkness out and the light back in. I had some major issues that wanted to hang on, and Richard was intune and used his skills to eradicate the trash! It is hard to describe all the emotions of the release- I cried, laughed, and yelled. The darkness that I released, gave way to floods of more peace and light, happiness and joy that I had not felt in many years. I was given several visions during the session that came to me, showing me glimpes of my future. I saw some special things to guide me on my path, that brought me much confidence, joy and love. After the session I went to a family gathering, which I had a permanate smile on my face, joy in my heart, words to share. I had coments from family members of how wonderful and happy I looked, they all wanted to talk to me and ask me what had happened to me that made the change!

I feel more determined than ever to look to the future, and I have such a wonderful list of things to accomplish, now it seems more like a positive journey than a negative pressure. I am happy with the present and see more joy in the journey and feel confidence in telling others my pursuits- rather than fear of what others would think.

I see myself as a beacon of light, a mission to fulfill that I have clearly seen. I feel like a Super Hero- watch out world here I come!! I am serious! I feel AWESOME!

I am from another State than Richard, so I did a remote session. At first I wondered if it would work very well, and I am so pleased it exceeded my expectations! Richard was very aware, and felt connected to the things my body needed to release, many things I was not aware of. I was especially happy with some releases done in proxy for family members that needed help! I truly felt like a different person when I was acting for a family member and felt the release for them. Since that time my husband and I have had positive open communication, and more synergy. I want to shout for joy! YEAH!