SimplyHealed Sessions

Many people are curious about what to expect at their SimplyHealed session. First, we can meet in either your home, my home, at another location where you feel comfortable, or we can meet over the phone. The location you select should be a place where you can relax and not be distracted by children, pets, phone calls, etc. We will both be sitting in chairs, usually facing each other. Please wear clothing that is comfortable for you – this will help you focus on the session and not on your clothes.

A full session takes one – two hours, most likely right around ninety minutes from walking in the door to walking out. If you have schedule restraints, just let me know when you book your session and I will work with your scheduling needs.

At the beginning of your appointment I will ask you a little bit about yourself and what your desires are for the session, but you do not need to disclose personal or embarrassing information to me in order for me to work with your energy. There is no need to rehash old memories or be retraumatized by them. We will work together to release the energy surrounding those events and you will not need to share them with me or re-experience them yourself.

A mini session or speed session is a thirty minute session for clients who have already had a full session and would like to come in for a quick tune-up or work on specific issues. These are perfect opportunities to reboot all your energy systems in between full sessions.

If you have more questions, please email me at &#102&#105&#120&#116&#104&#101&#099&#111&#110&#110&#101&#099&#116&#105&#111&#110&#064&#103&#109&#097&#105&#108&#046&#099&#111&#109. Thanks!