We offer a variety of different services in both Energy Healing and Behavioral Therapy.

SimplyHealed Sessions

Full Session: Each session lasts from one to two hours and takes place in my home or yours, at another location in which you are comfortable, or on the phone. If you choose a phone session, please leave the phone number you want me to call you on in your booking information

Mini-Session for Repeat Clients: Lasts thirty minutes and focuses on specific areas you know you want to work on.

Couple Sessions: Couples can book together at a lower rate. You can choose to be present for each others sessions or meet back to back.

Behavioral Therapy Sessions


I am available to do in-home or in-school consultations with parents or teachers. These normally last about 90 minutes and are the best way for me to get a picture of the needs and challenges you are dealing with. I will observe the individual and make recommendations specific to your situation and provide the information you need to carry out those recommendations.

You can choose to have a one-time consultation or on-going training on a schedule of your choosing.


One-On-One: In-home or in-community therapy where I am working one-on-one with your child (or adult) on the goals and program that we have created together.

Group Therapy: Social interaction and working with a group can be beneficial for some children with autism and other disabilities. Group therapy is an activity with at least one other child in which we can work on goals specific to each child.

If you are interested in other services, I am confident we can create a custom-designed plan just for you and your family or classroom. Write to me at &#102&#105&#120&#116&#104&#101&#099&#111&#110&#110&#101&#099&#116&#105&#111&#110&#064&#103&#109&#097&#105&#108&#046&#099&#111&#109 and we can discuss your needs and desires.



Full Session $85/Session
Mini Session: $45/Session
Couple Session: $150

Behavioral Therapy:

Initial Consultation: $50/Hour
Follow-up Consultations: $40/Hour
On-Going Training: $30/Hour
One-On-One: $30/Hour
Group Therapy: $15/Hour

Locations outside of a thirty mile radius may require travel reimbursement to be determined on an individual basis.

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