Christmas Special

Richard has so enjoyed working with many of you this year and hopes you have experienced healing, vitality, and increased connection in your lives. If you have not yet had a session with him, now is your chance to scoop up a great deal!

As we move into 2013, we want to spread Energy Medicine far and wide. We want more people to be blessed by having a top-notch energy system working for them. We are offering some amazing package deals with FREE sessions.

Buy 3 sessions, get 1 free.

Buy 5 sessions, get 2 free.

But 10 sessions, get 5 free.

Wahoo! Isn’t that fun?

You can keep all the sessions yourself and book them out over the next year or you can gift them to your loved ones. We will keep a record of how many sessions you purchased and earned for free and you can schedule them anytime in 2013 (or now in the last weeks of 2012). You need to pay for them upfront and can do so at Fix The Connection and shoot us an email at and tell us how you want your sessions allocated (gifts – for who?, keeping them for yourself and booking them now or saving them for later, don’t know yet – just want to take advantage of the special pricing, want us to send a gift certificate to someone you are gifting it to, etc).

You can buy Full Sessions to get the most bang for your buck and a detailed seven system clean-up each time. If you are a repeat client and know you will want some quick tune-ups throughout the year, Mini Sessions may be the right fit for you.

Full Sessions are $85 and last about 90 minutes
Mini Sessions are $45 and last 30 minutes

3 Fulls are $255 and you get 4 Full Sessions
5 Fulls are $425 and you get 7 Full Sessions
10 Fulls are $850 and you get 15 Full Sessions

3 Minis are $135 and you get 4 Mini Sessions
5 Minis are $225 and you get 7 Mini Sessions
10 Minis are $450 and you get 15 Mini Sessions

We hope this will help you spread the gift of energy healing to your family and friends or enable you to give yourself the gift of healing in 2013. Please share this email with others you think may benefit from our services.


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