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Welcome to Fix The Connection. I am excited to start a new business and in many ways a new business model. I live in Idaho and for many years the only way for a child with disabilities to receive services was for their family to enter the Medicaid system, select an agency, participate in endless meetings, fill out stacks of paperwork, and hope for the best outcome an agency could promise.

I have been part of that system for the past sixteen years and believe there is a better way. I believe that an involved parent can make far better decisions than a case manager. I believe that real success for the child comes when families are trained in the techniques I use and are able to implement them on a daily basis. I believe that parents and professionals work together best when parents are the decision makers and the holders of the purse strings. Parents will be more choosy about who is working with their child and what they are working on when they are paying for it themselves. I believe there are dedicated parents who are willing and able to jump ship from the current system and find a way that is more effective for their families.

I believe it so much I am betting my world on it.

If you would like to talk about your new options for behavioral therapy or consultations, please email me at &#102&#105&#120&#116&#104&#101&#099&#111&#110&#110&#101&#099&#116&#105&#111&#110&#064&#103&#109&#097&#105&#108&#046&#099&#111&#109. I would love to talk to you.


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